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Quanta System reinvented Q-Switched technology so that short-pulse can integrate with both deep and high coverage fractional treatments only on the Chrome Lase Station. 

The Erbium YAG 2940nm is a resurfacing device that can be used to treat a host of skin concerns and conditions. 

What does fractional resurfacing treat? 

Facial lines and wrinkles


Uneven pigment

Sun damage 


Acne scarring

How does the Erbium YAG laser work? 

The laser energy targets the water in your skin cells, vaporizing the cells to remove micro-layers of skin at a time. The device is also fractionated, creating micro-channels in the skin that trigger the body to generate new cells and produce more collagen. This leads to smoother, youthful skin with visible reduction in lines, scarring, and hyperpigmentation. 

What is the downtime? 

2-10 days 

Does it hurt? 

It depends on the intensity of treatments. Topical anesthesia is available prior to treatment. 

What happens post treatment?

Some redness and tenderness is expected, along with some peeling, flaking and superficial wounding with more intense treatments. 

When will I see results?

Onset results are visible in 4-10 days, depending on the intensity of your treatment. 

How many treatments are required? 

Some treatments require more than one session to achieve an optimal outcome. 

How long do results last?

Results can be very long-lasting after. Some patients enjoy their improvements for many years. Lighter treatments may need to be repeated more often to maintain a positive outcome. 

What are my steps to proceed?

Please schedule a consultation to determine whether this is the right treatment for your aesthetic needs. We will not treat without a proper consultation.

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