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Electronically Assisted Massage Therapy


Electronically assisted massage therapy is a hands-free massage treatment, full body skin rejuvenation

Microcurrent is a gentle but powerful form of physical therapy using a machine with a current 1000 times gentler than a TENS unit. The current cannot cause the muscles to contract–it runs on a current similar to the bodies own current so cannot be felt. The microcurrent works by reeducating the muscles to lift the face, strength elastin, tighten the skin, adding energy into the body, increasing protein synthesis, and promoting waste removal. It also seems to help bring the organs back into balance so they function better

The low-level electrical stimulation goes deeper into the tissue than hands alone are able to, allowing for increased benefits and faster results.

The treatment has been proven to provide the following: 

- 500% increase in ATP delivery to intramuscular tissue, supporting increased muscle tone

- 48% increase in natural elastin support 

- 39% increase in blood circulation 

- 12% natural collagen support to increase hydration and give a fuller look

Results from our treatments are immediate and long lasting. 

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