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Tina is a highly regarded beauty and aesthetic professional who wants what’s best for her clients. She entered the aesthetic business wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. Tina loves what she does and performs close to 180 treatments a week. On top of being a top notch laser technician, she is also a guru of body wraps, body sculpting and making sure you get the ideal look you're looking for!


Christine loves to help beautify her clients as nothing brings her more joy in knowing clients are feeling their absolute best. She is an absolute perfectionist as a medical esthetician, electrologist, certified laser technician and licensed massage therapist. Christine specializes in lasers, skin irregularities and loves helping her clients put their best face forward.


Cammie has always had a desire to help people look and feel their best. Her passion for people and lifting their self-esteem is what fuels her desire to provide result driven skin care. Cammie's favorite treatments are microneedling and HIFU!


Ms. Kelley has been serving the general public as a registered nurse for over 30 years. She even ran the first heart transplant unit in the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her heart of gold and knowledge of the aesthetic field makes her a perfect member of the team! 

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