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Welcome to the next generation of hair removal

This new technology can achieve results for patients who have not had luck with other lasers!

We have upgraded our laser hair removal machine to the CLARITY II for a more effective,
pain-less experience!

What is Clarity II?

Clarity II is a versatile high-powered 755/1064nm dual wavelength laser platform laser designed to enable faster and more effective treatments for all skin types. It is considered the fastest hair removal in aesthetics as of writing – 2 times faster than every other option and 3-4 times faster than most. Therefore,  patients can see visible results in just about 4 to 5 treatments. So if you’re looking for the best prices in laser hair removal treatments, you should go for a provider that offers Clarity II laser hair removal.

With cryo-cooling technology, laser hair removal with Clarity II is the most comfortable treatment you can experience.

Lutronic’s Clarity laser removes hair up to 2x faster and can target even the finest, thinnest, lightest hair.

Real-Time Temperature Sensing

The Clarity II allows us superior control compared to other lasers. We can adjust laser wavelengths and intensity on the fly, ensuring that you receive the maximum possible results and that your skin is safe — whatever your skin and hair type.

  • 30 mins full body treatment.

  • Best clearance of thin & thick hair through 1 msec technology.

  • Ideal safety & comfort (intelligent cooling device).

How is Clarity II different? 

While all laser hair removal methods can be effective, some may offer higher precision and better results. Lutronic’s Clarity II Laser Hair Removal system utilizes a unique trademarked IntelliTrak™ technology. This technology provides faster and more consistent treatment coverage in larger areas. The system also features a Temperature Sensing technology for real-time skin temperature feedback, minimizing any discomfort or side effects from the procedure. Additionally, this system has been clinically tested and proven safe with virtually no pain or downtime afterward – making it one of the most preferred laser hair removal methods among patients worldwide.


How many sessions will I need? 

The number of sessions required to eliminate hair completely depends on the individual. Most patients require six sessions spaced four to six weeks apart to completely remove the hair in a particular area. At any given time, only one out of six hairs are in the growth phase and only hairs in the growth phase can absorb laser energy down to the root in order to be eliminated. The Clarity II will permanently remove 90-95% of hair in a treated area without any pain, side effects or lengthy recoveries. Compared to traditional laser hair removal methods, most patients need fewer sessions and can wait longer before requiring a touch-up session. 


Any risks?

The biggest risk with lasers is eye damage. Both you and our laser technician will be wearing goggles specific to the laser being used. 


Best candidate?

Anyone older than 16 can get laser hair removal but there is no lasers (yet) that can pick up blonde, white or gray hairs. Fortunately we do have electrolysis to treat those that lasers cannot yet get.

*** Please prepare for your treatment by shaving the area beforehand and avoid tanning, plucking and waxing during the weeks leading up to the procedure. 

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