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Laser Tattoo Removal

Our Q-switch laser generates high peak power laser energy to effectively shatter tattoo ink pigments, while its ultra-short pulses ensure less damage to the surrounding skin tissue.


Removing Tattoos Just Got Easier!


3-5 days




Moderate to heavy

Laser tattoo removal is a popular cosmetic procedure that is safe, effective and only takes minutes to perform. 

Tattoos naturally fade over time because the body's immune system see the tattoo ink as a foreign substance and tries to remove the ink particles. Laser tattoo removal speeds up the natural process by shattering tattoo ink into smaller pieces that flush away more easily. 

Tattoo ink is trapped in the deepest layer of the skin. With each laser treatment, the ink is shattered, starting with the shallowest layer of ink before the deepest layers. It takes multiple treatments to penetrate through all the varying depths of ink in a tattoo. 

Our Q-Switch laser effectively breaks down ink without scaring with short laser pulses that last only a billionth of a second. The power is high enough to shatter the ink but because the energy is in the skin for a short period of time, there is no risk of damaging the skin. Treatments will be spaced 6-12 weeks apart. 

Please note we primarily treat black, blue, red, purple, yellow and orange ink. The most successful removals use Q-Switch to break down 'boulders to rocks'.

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